How Much Can I Earn With a Master’s in Geropsychology?

geropsychologistGeropsychologists are in demand, and knowing how much you can earn with a master’s in geropsychology is extremely important before you select which graduate program you would like to complete. If you are currently studying for a bachelor’s or looking for a post-graduate growth area in psychology that is showing promise, it is important to learn about all of the options that are available to you.

Geropsychology is projected to be a highly demanded practice area that caters to the unique needs of those who are aging. Aside from learning about the projected salary in the area of practice, you should learn what some of the many career options are.

Read on to learn about the job profile and what your earning potential will be to make an educated decision.

What are the Responsibilities of Geropsychologists?

Geropsychology is an interdisciplinary area that focuses on several different issues that the aging population deals with on a daily basis. Some of the issues include: anxiety, depression, relationships, medical conditions, mental capacity and poverty. Since there are so many different issues that are covered by geropsychologists, there are several different career options. Each occupation has its own list of duties and responsibilities.

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If you were to work as a geropsychologist with a public agency like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, you can expect to wear multiple hats. You might perform cognitive health assessments, conduct therapy sessions with your patients, consult families and also teach the trainees in your department. For those who work in a legal-focused role, professionals in the field will collaborate with lawyers on whether or not older adults have the mental capacity to represent themselves or to be rehabilitated.

What is the Projected Earnings Outlook of Geropsychologists?

Everyone who attends college is attaining skills that they can use following graduation to develop their professional careers. It can cost a great deal of money to pay for a graduate degree and this is why it is your duty as a prospective graduate student to research what the actual salaries of geropsychologists are today. It can also be helpful for those interested in specializing their degree to compare the geropsychology salary to that of a generalist.

The average psychologist earns $80,370 in the United States as of 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. How much you will actually make depends on your level of education and experience. The lowest 10 percent of psychologists earned less than $45,380, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $132,070.

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When considering all of the occupational avenues and highways that you can travel, you need to consider what the road ahead looks like. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that the demand for geropsychologists will grow by 3 percent from 2019-2029. Be sure to review the salaries reported for entry-level professionals with a master’s in geropsychology and estimate how much you can earn after spending six years attending college.