What are some Related Jobs I Can do While I Complete my Master’s in Psychology?

Working on your graduate degree takes some time and hard work, but you’ll find a number of jobs for students who are pursuing a master’s in psychology. While some students choose to focus solely on their schooling, others know that working, even part-time, can help them pay for tuition, books and other supplies. Many jobs are available on campus, which is helpful when you live on or close to campus. If you have access to a vehicle, you can find off campus jobs, too.

Teaching Assistant

If you live on or nearby campus, talk to your school about teaching assistant positions. Also known as TAs, these positions are often open only to graduate students. TAs work closely with a professor in their department, and handle many of the tasks associated with the professor’s job. Teaching assistants often grade papers, administer exams and meet with students during office hours. Some TAs will even teach classes for the professors.

A teaching assistant job provides you the chance to teach students and lead courses, which can come in handy if you plan on applying for jobs in academia. It also provides you the opportunity to solidify your subject knowledge.

Research Assistant in Psychology

A research assistant is someone who assists a professor in the department on a research project, enabling you to apply your knowledge in the field.  You might work on a study of mood and behavior, drug abuse or abnormal psychology.

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According to 2017 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for graduate teaching assistants is $37,720. The lowest 10 percent of assistants make $17,970 per year, and the highest 10 percent earn $58,450 per year. These positions may also come with free or reduced tuition. The competition for research and teaching assistant positions is fierce, and most schools require that you apply at the same time that you apply for a spot in the program.

Resident Adviser

The jobs available for master’s in psychology students also include positions as resident advisers. Also known as RAs, these are the students who live in dormitories and residence halls to keep an eye on the students living there. You must have strong communication skills and a willingness to help others. Resident advisers often hold meetings to inform students of policy changes, lead orientation sessions and meet with students to work out problems in their rooms.

Home Health Support

Working as a home health aide is another option for psychology students. Many health care organizations need experienced employees to work with patients who have learning disabilities, mental illnesses and handicaps. You can also find jobs working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder or other disabilities. One of the best places to find these jobs is psychology department job boards on campus.

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A master’s in psychology program is designed to give you a better understanding of clinical psychology, forensic psychology and other branches of psychology. Unless you have unlimited money at your disposal, you’ll likely need help paying for your education. Working as a home health aide, RA, research assistant or teaching assistant can not only help financially, but provide applied learning experiences.