What Jobs are Available with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology?

The jobs available with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology are diverse, because this degree program trains students to work in a variety of positions and industries.

Research Assistant

Graduates who prefer the academic atmosphere can become research assistants in labs that investigate everything from cognitive functions to healthy aging to behavioral stimuli to neuropsychological measures, according to the American Psychological Association. Research assistants work as key members of multidisciplinary teams that include scientists, post-doctoral students and many types of psychologists. Research assistants will have a wide range of responsibilities that includes contacting, screening and processing potential test subjects. This may involve visual, audiology, timed motor and neuropsychological testing. Data is gathered through computer-based paradigms, statistical analysis and electrophysiological (ERP) data. Afterwards, research assignments will analyze and organize data through standard techniques, which includes Excel and statistical programs.

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Support Counselor

Licensed psychologists usually have a doctorate degree and perform very intricate and demand work. Hospitals hire mental health counselors with just Bachelor of Science degrees in psychology to work as support counselors within cross-functional teams. These job candidates must be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to assist patients of all ages and backgrounds. They must also be able to observe patients, perform in-depth interviews and document their findings in timely manners. Many times, they provide care to patients with severe mental health challenges. Many of these patients will experience co-morbid medical and addiction problems. Support counselors will usually work under the supervision of a licensed clinical nurse.

Disability Support Coordinator

Disability support coordinators work in student engagement, disability services and academic counseling departments. Those with an undergraduate degree in psychology are perfectly suited for disability support coordination. These academic assistants will assess disabled student’s limitations, functioning and strengths based on clinical, educational and psychological documentation. They will develop reasonable plans that will accommodate attendance and coordinate appropriate resources. The disability conditions they deal with will range from medical conditions to learning disabilities to various mental health conditions. Academic support coordinators collaborate with faculty and staff to ensure that their student’s needs are properly met and accommodated for without delays.

Academic Advisor

Academic advisers need a psychology background in order to properly help their students reach their goals and solve their problems. They will help students select courses and majors that fit their individual academic needs. They may facilitate introductory classes for new students that connect students with resources and provide in-class guidance. They may also follow up with existing students to ensure that their current course load is relevant and that the content, topics and assignments are adequate. They sometimes collect data from admissions and faculty to measure progress towards academic goals. They also have student engagement and professional development responsibilities, so they actively participate in student support teams and regularly meet with faculty. Those who work with graduate students will promote seminars, lectures and workshops that encourage professional development for students in their respective fields.

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Other jobs available with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology include HR generalist, social worker, teacher assistant and psychometrist.