Master’s in Psychology Degree Programs in Delaware

Psychology is valuable area that deals with the study of the mind and behavior, and those seeking to pursue a job in the field should consider Master’s in Psychology degree programs in Delaware.

Psychology professionals work with people experiencing an array of mental health issues and help them function at optimal levels. Delaware is home to an array of organizations that employ psychology professionals, such as Rockford Center, Mid Atlantic Behavioral Health, Brandywine Counseling and Community Services, Keystone Human Services, and Soliant Health. There are also institutions of higher learning that offer accredited degrees in psychology. An accredited master’s degree in psychology prepares individuals for advanced positions in field and to take professional licensure examinations, such as the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.

Listed below are the institutions of higher learning in Delaware that offer master’s degrees in psychology.

University of Delaware

College of Education and Human Development

The College of Education and Human Development offers Master’s in Psychology degree programs in Delaware. It offers programs that incorporate coursework with extensive field experience to prepare students to understand today’s educational and social issues. The college is committed to finding resolutions to the challenges that schools face. It also develops solutions to issues children and families face. It sets high standards and students are provided with the knowledge and tools to make a positive impact on children and families.

Master of Arts in School Psychology

The Master of Arts in School Psychology is a comprehensive program that prepares students for professional certification in the school psychology field.

The program includes two separate, but closely related programs, the specialist program and the doctoral program. Students learn about direct invention skills, including counseling and applied behavioral analysis, psychoeducational assessment of children, prevention, consultation with parents and educators, and evaluation and research in educational settings. The program requires the completion of 60 credit hours, including core courses, a comprehensive examination, and a 1,200-hour internship. The core courses include introduction to school psychology, counseling skills laboratory, individual intelligence testing, educational measurement and progress monitoring, psychological assessment of children, applied human development, instructing elementary/middle schoolers with mild disabilities, consultation and invention: school discipline, child neuropsychology, advanced counseling techniques, child psychopathology, and school-based family issues and interventions.


National Council for Accreditation and Teacher Education

National Association of School Psychologists


University of Delaware

College of Education and Human Development

106 Alison Hall West

Newark, DE 19716


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A strong psychology field is essential to helping a wide range of people dealing with mental health issues. Completing a master’s degree in psychology is a great choice for individuals wanting to make a difference and pursue upper-level positions in the field. Students looking into educational options should look into Master’s in Psychology degree programs in Delaware.

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