5 Career Options with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology

If you’re a student who has the desire for a career that will allow you to help others, then you will most likely want to work towards a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree. While you’ll need a master’s degree to become a licensed psychologist, there are dozens of fulfilling careers available to those who have earned their bachelor’s degree in psychology. These are just a few of the many career paths that you may enjoy.

1. Career Counselor

Just as a career counselor most likely assisted you in determining the best path to take in order to achieve your career goals, this degree will allow you to help others fulfill their dreams. Your background in psychology will enable you to help each client discover their truest hopes and talents so that you can provide them with the most appropriate career options. As a career counselor, you’ll have the opportunity to work with students and other job seekers in such settings as public and private colleges and universities, career centers and employment agencies.

2. Parole or Probation Officer

A great many psychology majors enjoy careers in criminal justice, and your degree will qualify you to work as either a parole or probation officer. This is important work that serves to protect the community and provides assistance to convicted criminals in moving forward as contributing members of society. Your duties will include supervising those who have been convicted of crimes, monitoring their activities and behaviors, coordinating a release plan with other involved professionals and making recommendations to the court based on the individual’s success during their time of parole or probation.

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3. Lab Assistant

Those graduates who have a particular interest in the research aspects of psychology may choose a career as a lab assistant. You’ll find interesting work in university psychology programs, government agencies and various public and private sector businesses that specialize in the study of human behavior. You may expect to be deeply involved with research, experimental psychology and the preparation of materials for publication.

4. Case Manager

If your goal is to help people in one-on-one situations, then you should find fulfilling work as a case manager through social services, rehabilitation facilities, centers for domestic violence and sober-living homes. The true desire to help others coupled with your psychology background will qualify you to help many people through their own individual difficult situation. Because you can thoroughly understand human behavior, you’ll be able to successfully design specialized plans for treatment and recovery, supply a comprehensive list of necessary service providers, take careful notice of your client’s ability to progress and arrange appointments with other service providers to give your client the best chance of success.

5. Social Services

Agencies that deal with the many needs that are associated with social services are available in every city within every state across America, and those with a psychology degree are very important to the success of these agencies. Government agencies and non-profit organizations that are centered on providing social services within the community are always looking to hire those with a psychology degree to provide client counseling, community support and vital plans and guidelines for the particular needs of each individual who is seeking assistance.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are a variety of well-paying, fulfilling careers available to those with this type of degree in psychology, so don’t hesitate to get started today. Get your degree, and you’ll soon be enjoying a wonderful new career.