5 Great Blogs for Psychology Students

As a psychology major, you want to stay in the loop about the latest evolutions in research from the greater community of professional psychologists. After all, no significant professors or psychiatric clinicians in the field will take you very seriously if you blindly follow outdated methodologies for treating difficult mental patients after you graduate. Get straight to the top of the most current, best resources in psychology by following these five expert blog feeds that only the best psych students read regularly:

1. Psychology Today

At Psychology Today, they maintain a list of links to blogs from the most prominent voices in psychoanalysts, and you can find exactly what you need because they’ve perfectly organized each list of links by category. Every section has about 10 niche-focused blog offerings; here you can delve deeply into professional websites dedicated to topics like addiction, aging, autism, creativity, depression, gender, personality disorders, parenting and many more.

2. Psych Central 

Psych Central has a resources section of blog posts and research papers for psychology students and doctors that ranks as one of the most influential pages of its kind online. When you’ve earned your credentials, you can apply here to get a free directory listing on this website so that potential clients in your area can find you more easily when they’re looking for help. Their articles address some of the most controversial and interesting new surveys in mental-health studies of our time.

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3. Research Blogging

Peer-reviewed research blog posts from the international community of psychiatrists at Research Blogging make for fascinating reads that you’ll never tire of. Here, the latest studies in the field receive close scrutiny and thoughtful feedback that can help you spot holes in faulty logic or find brilliantly fresh ideas that your professors passed over in the classroom.

4. Healthy Place

Frequently referred to as “America’s Mental Health Channel,” HealthyPlace.com is an excellent multimedia resource to read up on the latest methods to diagnose patients and determine which medications are most appropriate for their conditions. This mental-health social network has a weekly newsletter, a radio-show blog and active forums to engage both experts and those seeking help so that everyone can learn about core facts together. This website is special because it helps address issues on how to communicate more effectively with patients, which is such a vital part of the healing process that often determines how fast they can recover.

5. BestPsychologyDegrees.com

At BestPsychologyDegrees.com, you’ll find much more than just an inspiring blog with quotes from some of the most exceptional TED Talks speakers about modern psychology. Here are also well-maintained links to the latest scholarships for psych students and reviews of the programs at universities all over the country. You can also consider different career choices for your degree and figure out whether a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate is best for you. They also provide figures of the latest known industry-wide salary levels for psychology careers, along with a frequently asked questions section that helps you consider your options when you’re ready to move into your new career.

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You have enough tediously long textbooks to pour over for your finals already, so why subscribe only to cold, boring reports in mental-health journals when you can get all the facts from today’s psychotherapists written more freely on these engrossing psychology blogs? These top five websites will give you food for thought to challenge your teachers with better questions in class, help you impress prospective bosses at your next job interview and help improve your skills as a therapist.