5 Great Websites for Child Psychologists

Child psychologists work with children and their primary caregivers to research, assess, and treat any child developmental issues. Being a child psychologist, therefore, come with a wide range of challenges as they work directly with children and families living in different challenging situations and who may need additional emotional and social support. Here is an overview of the top 5 websites that offer excellent resources for child psychologists.

1. Kids Development

Founded by Jon Rowlinson, the website offers an exclusive reference point on the kids’ developmental progress, learning, behavior, and thinking. The website has a massive range of useful information related to child development issues and ways through which carers or parents can help their children grow and develop well. It features numerous easy to navigate subsections about different factors that can impact child development and varying ways that one can use to foster child development. There are also valuable information on the use of learning tools and puzzles to further develop various skills in a child.

2. Child Development Institute

The Child Development Institute website was developed in 1999 and has been very instrumental in providing information as well as products and services related to child psychology, development, learning, health, media, entertainment, parenting, and family activities. It also connects parents with professional experts and other useful website in the child psychology sphere. There is a directory for carers and parents looking for more information on child development as well as “how to” ebooks for parents and young adults. Also featured in this great website are health and safety tips for children with special needs and learning disabilities.

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3. Childsworks – Childsplay

This website focuses on products and tools for teaching and counseling of kids and teen with special needs and who are emotionally disturbed. Created by the Guidance Group, the website provide parents, child psychologists, counselors, and therapists with a plethora of developmental and social skills training, therapeutic activities for children, tools, and learning toys to help them further the development of children in comfortable and familiar environments. These are the same tools that are available in most child development centers. The well laid and responsive site is easy to understand and to reach for any information needed at any particular time.

4. Early Childhood and Youth Development

Early Childhood and Youth Development is a blog with a wide range of child development aspects as well as information on psychology involved in bring up and helping children. Within the blog are Photo Album, Speakers, Bam!Radio, Observation forms, block plans, activity cards, and semester activity pages that can be used by child psychologists and parents looking for advice or any information related to child psychology and development. This well laid and interesting blog allow psychologists and parents to further their understanding on the myriad issues related to child development.

5. Child Psychology and Parenting Blog

This is a research-based informational website about child psychology, childhood disorders, and parenting. The site provides reviews of some of the latest scientific findings on a wide range of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders in a style that is accessible to psychologists, parents, educators, and clinicians. Founded by Dr. Nestor Lopez-Duran, a neuroscience researcher and clinical psychologist, the website helps bridge the gap between pediatric science and consumers—a gap that has been controlled by big media outlets and other key advocacy groups. To avoid any biasness, the editors of this website keeps commentary to minimum and don’t make any authoritative assertions without proper scientific evidence.

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This list of websites highlighted above only represent a section of the best child psychology resources that you can find in the internet today. Like any other profession, child psychologists should also join a few professional psychology organizations and subscribe to scholarly publications to keep abreast of the current trends and topics in the child psychology field.