5 Great Websites for Clinical Psychologists

The best way to learn more about the field of clinical psychology is to visit popular websites. These great sites will tell you all you need to know when considering a degree in clinical psychology. If you’ve already established a career in the field, these sites can help you stay current with news and changes.

1. Coursera

If you’re interested in the field of clinical psychology, but are unsure of the degree courses, this website is for you. You can take free classes in any field, including psychology, that will help you get a basic understanding of the foundations. After a course or two here you should be able to decide if you want to pursue a degree.

There are several psychology classes on this site that you may enjoy. Some of the top ranked courses are Introduction to Psychology, Positive Psychology and Psychology at Work. There are even more in-depth classes if you want to learn more.

2. Simply Psychology

This is a website that can help you understand basic psychology experiments and their importance. Psychology has been shaped through a variety of studies and experiments, which are broken down in easy to understand pieces on this site. If you’re considering a degree in the field, this website can talk you through some of the key components of psychology.

There are 25 studies on the website, each of which played a role in the field of psychology. You can read through each study overview under the “studies” tab. Remember, not all of these studies had positive effects.

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3. Psych Central

Want to learn about clinical psychology in a fun and interesting way? Psych Central helps you learn and understand psychology through a tests and assessments. As you learn you will be able to test your strengths and weaknesses in the field.

These tests are not for diagnostic purposes. They are simply for you to get a feel for what psychological tests look like and how they work. Understanding can help you become more successful and effective. For those interested in starting a degree, this website can teach you about the many parts that make up the field of clinical psychology.

4. American Psychological Association

The best place to get useful information is right from the source. The APA is the major authority when it comes to psychology. It is here where you can learn all about the current happenings, including research and studies. This should be your first stop for learning about changes in the psychology field.

This site goes over almost all psychological conditions, including what they are and associated symptoms. Beyond the definition, the site always offers up additional links for anyone who wants to learn more or do their own research. This website is a great way to learn about crucial elements of the field of psychology.

5. Psychology Today

This is a magazine published with current research and topics in the field of psychology. You can read about new and interesting discoveries and read in-dept articles about studies. Often times you can also read profiles of successful clinical psychologists who offer advice for beginners.

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This website mainly looks at psychology in a fun way. It aims to make content interesting and easy to read. This website applies clinical psychology to real-life situations as an enhanced way to learn. If you are considering a degree in clinical psychology, this website is a great modern supplement to courses.