5 Great Websites for Developmental Psychologists

Having five great websites for developmental psychologists on hand is a great way to stay current in their field, network with other professionals, and find great opportunities for professional development. Each of the following five websites offers visitors several resources to progress in their careers as well as achieve a better quality of life as developmental psychologists.

1. The American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association is the leading organizations for scientific research and professional development for all professional associated with the field. Anyone can access the latest scientific publications from a large database that is divided into categories of psychologies, including developmental psychology. To join, one must have at least two years of post-graduate education in an area of psychology or a member of an international affiliate APA.

2. UCMerced Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology Conferences

The University of California Merced, is accredited with being the first new American research university. The website lists several upcoming developmental psychology conferences by topic and links to the authoritative association or education facility that will host that particular conference. The upcoming conferences in other areas of psychology are also listed, which gives psychologists a greater opportunity network with more professionals inside and outside of their field.

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3. The Bureau of Labor Statistics

After choosing a career in developmental psychology, it is important to stay current in how the field is doing in the job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics website has an entire section devoted to psychologists where they can find quick facts about the expected salary for their field, job outlook for several years to come, similar occupations, data specific to their state and area, and more. Development psychologists can get detailed information about the job duties required as well as of the expected work environment.

4. State Boards of Psychology


In an increasingly litigious society, one should know their rights and obligations. The following link corresponds to the State Board of Psychologist Examiners in Colorado and is presented as an example only, but shows what is offered in a state board website. The website includes the information that is needed to apply for a license as well as current laws that affect the field, such as the Mental Health Practice Act that one may need to be familiar with depending on where they are employed.

5. Monster and Indeed

Websites such as monster.com, indeed.com, and university career pages offer visitors and students hundreds of listings for jobs related to developmental psychology. Not only are the jobs current, but one can search by the criteria they are looking for in a job. Many job boards will also let you save openings that look promising, upload an editable resume, send email notifications to you when something becomes available, and even career resources.

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There are many great websites for developmental psychologists out there that can help one find work in the field they love.