5 Professional Organizations for Applied Psychologists

Being a part of a professional organization looks good for applied psychologist and those wishing to become one someday, and it will also make for an excellent opportunity to perfect your talent and connect with others who have similar interests. Who each organization is for and what they can offer you in terms of awards and membership will be discussed below, with links to each site if you would like to become a member.

1. American Psychological Association

This is the largest association for psychologist, with over 100,000 members who are educators, researchers, consultants, and students. Their goal is to create, communicate, and apply psychological knowledge in order to help those in need. Various divisions can be found to join within APA, from general psychology down to psychological hypnosis, there’s something for everyone.

The APA offers scholarships, grants, and other financial aid awards that advance the understanding and application of psychology for the betterment of society.

2. American Psychological Association of Graduate Students

The APAGS is a division of the APA that seeks to better the future of psychology by giving graduate students of psychology a voice. You can also get involved in APAGS’s government, or join the APAGS Psychology Student Leader Network if you love to lead. You can also attend the APA convention and have a chance at winning scholarships, grants, and other awards specific to APAGS. Resources on applying to, affording, and repaying loans for graduate school are also offered, along with professional development.

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3. Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the largest professional student psychological organization, with over 700,000 students. It offers over $400,000 in grants and other financial aid awards annually. The majority of awards are open to members only. Undergraduate and graduate students, along with faculty and staff may apply for these awards. Awards include, grants, stipends, and other forms of aid. These awards can fund your research, allow you to travel to conventions, and allow you to travel to any psychology-related event, regardless of location.

4. Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus

This professional as APSSC represents student affiliates of the Association for Psychological Science. There are plenty of opportunities to procure grants and other types of financial aid. Some awards also offer travel assistance and and help out with your research. Being a part of this association allows you to become a RISE member, a campus representative, be apart of a mentorship, or a reviewer, meaning you will be looking at submissions for financial aid and determining if they meet the standards or not.

5. Society for the Teaching of Psychology

STP is a division of the APA, but you can still become a member even if you’re not a member of the APA. The mission of this society is to help those who would like to teach psychology, learn more about it, advocate for teachers, help foster partnerships across academic settings, and let people know how valuable psychology teachers are. This society also offers awards and grants, which can help out with travel, research, and other needs.

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Hopefully you’ve found this list helpful. Here’s some of the top professional organizations for applied psychologists or those who may want to become one someday.