5 Professional Organizations for Forensic Psychologist

Joining a professional organization for forensic psychologist can provide you with continuing educational courses, networking opportunities, and a platform to publish research in the field. They also supply you with volunteer and grant opportunities. List below are five leading professional organizations for forensic psychologists that will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. The American Psychological Association

The APA is a leading forensic psychology professional organization that focuses on the creation and application of psychology as a science by promoting psychological research, improving research methodology, and improving the qualifications of psychologists by developing an ethical code of conduct. While this professional association deals with psychology generally, they have a specific forensic psychology division. They also provide training in forensic psychology as well as pre- and post-doctoral internships. The APA also developed a distinctive set of conduct and research guidelines for forensic psychology.

2. American Academy of Forensic Psychology

The AAFP is a professional organization for those forensic psychologists who have earned board certification from the American Board of Forensic Psychology (ABFP). The ABFP recognized forensic psychology as a specialize field of study. It only grants certification to industry professional who can articulate the theoretical, ethical, and legal foundations of forensic psychology. Once certified, you are automatically eligible for admission into the AAFP. The organization offers workshops as well as three grant programs to enabled professionals at various career levels to conduct specialized research.

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3. Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

The SPCP is an organization devoted to the intersection of forensic psychology and the law. The organization’s membership includes social workers, psychiatrists, lawyers, police officers, correctional officers, as well as forensic psychologist. The organization aims to provide a holistic study of criminal behavior and motivation. They host an annual conference to expose practitioners to continuing education opportunities. The SPCP also publishes a journal that includes articles on the practical and academic innovations in the field.

4. American Academy of Forensic Science

The AAFS is a multidiscipline organization that has a diverse membership from all 50 states, Canada, as well as 70 additional countries. There are eleven sections that represent forensic science in fields like toxicology, odontology, engineering, and jurisprudence. In addition to promoting the field of forensic psychology, the organization is also devoted to professional development of its members and the implementation of accurate methodology. Its Journal of Forensic Sciences is internationally recognized for excellence in the field. The AAFS provides job listings, expert witness referrals, as well as educational webinars and newsletters.

5. International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology

The IACFP is an organization that aims to provide the highest-quality of mental health services to criminal offenders as well as promulgating cutting-edge research on the treatment of psychological problems that lead to criminal behavior. Specifically, the organization is dedicated to developing and implementing an effective treatment program for incarcerated individuals. Membership benefits include discounts on IACFP sponsored educational conferences and networking events, job listings, discounts on academic materials, a subscription to their journal, as well as access to the organizations online research database.

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Joining a professional organization is great way to gain knowledge of what other practitioners in your field are doing as well as any conduct or law changes that could impact your work. In addition to all the academic resources, professional organizations for forensic psychologist can also provide you with job listings that are not otherwise advertised, networking events, and awards that can accelerate your career.