5 Top Online Master’s in Psychology Degree Concentrations

Online psychologyProspective students looking to earn an online Master of Psychology likely have several factors in mind when deciding which degree to attain and which school to get it from.

Fortunately, earning an online master’s degree helps from a financial standpoint as you do not need to endure commuting costs, and the flexibility to more easily arrange the time spent earning this degree around other areas of your life offers a number of benefits as well.

Also note that the differences between students’ ability to learn when taking online courses versus being part of traditional class settings appears to be minimal.

Child and Adolescent Development

This concentration prepares you to assist young ones with psychological issues they may need help handling or overcoming. Some methods that you may learn to employ include hypnosis, play therapy and psychotherapy. Preparing diagnoses and treatment plans will also be taught. After earning this degree, depending on your state’s requirements, you should be able to treat children in mental health facilities and hospitals while a doctorate is generally required to do so in private practice.

Forensic Psychology

Those who earn this degree will be prepared to help the police and other law enforcement organizations and the court system understand why one or more people have or are committing crimes. Understanding the mindset of an individual at the time of their crime also helps judges and juries determine if a further threat to public safety exists if the criminal were to be released sooner rather than later. Sometimes, forensic psychologists assess the competency of those charged to stand trial and help victims recover from the incident. You will apply leading-edge methods and theories and learn more about the ethical and legal aspects of this concentration while earning this degree, according to the American Psychological Association.

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Industrial Organizational Psychology

An industrial organization psychology concentration is designed to provide students with the skills to apply psychological principles in workplace settings and create win-win situations for employees and employers whenever possible. Earning this degree allows you to learn how to study the behavior of those in these environments and how to improve their productivity and performance. You will also be able to help leaders become better ones and assist hiring directors in recruiting and selecting the best individuals for the company.

Applied Psychology

An online Master’s in Applied Psychology prepares you for behavioral as well as workplace psychology. The course load will enable you to use cutting-edge theory in discovering and utilizing solutions in a variety of situations. You will be able to assist those struggling to determine what their own strengths are and what talents they need to leverage in order to achieve success in life. Learning how to help others overcome life’s obstacles is another aspect of an applied psychology concentration.


Unfortunately, addiction affects a significant number of people in the world, and addictions can be to a variety of things such as alcohol, gambling and shopping, the latter of which can be especially significant if it affects the individual’s bank account to a substantial degree. The coursework you will undertake tends to focus on counseling and how to prevent and treat society’s most prevalent and dangerous addictions. Understanding how to counsel groups as well as individuals is usually taught to those earning this degree.

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Attaining one of these master’s degrees or any of the many quality ones offered elsewhere will help enhance your marketability and salary potential. It will also prepare you for doctoral-level work if you decide to take that path, which may be necessary to meet your career goals.