5 Websites for Applied Psychology Majors

These five websites for applied psychology majors will show off just what you can do with a degree in this area. Applied psychologists use their knowledge of behavior to solve problems in all fields, from employee interactions in the workplace to improving patient experience during the healthcare process. This industry provides a wide variety of applications in all sectors of the world.

1. National Association of School Psychologists

As problem-solvers backed with methodology and evidence from the behavioral sciences, applied psychologists can do great work in public schools. The National Association of School Psychologists provides everything you need to know about working with students to help them succeed. Don’t shy away from this career due to stereotypes about income in public schools. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, psychologists in elementary and secondary schools averaged around $74,130 in a recent survey. This is a great website for applied psychology majors who want to gain insight into this field.

2. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is a professional organization composed of speech pathologists, hearing scientists, and even current students. This website contains a ton of helpful information about specific educational requirements and opportunities. A career in speech pathology could lead down many avenues. It’s common for speech pathologists to work in schools and individually help students with speech disorders. Many speech pathologists also work closely with patients who have experienced strokes, neurological damage, or trauma. Overall, this career is ideal for patient individuals with strong communication skills who will pay close attention to their patients.

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3. Alison

One of the best ways to know whether a career is right for you is to study it and gain practical experience. With books from your local library and free online courses, you can obtain a clearer vision of whether a career in applied psychology will be fulfilling. Alison is a website that offers free online courses in a wide variety of subjects, including applied psychology. You can study anything from consumer behavior and marketing strategies to research methods. Not only will you gain an idea of whether or not applied psychology is right for you but also you’ll learn about all the interesting ways you can use your degree.

4. Psych Central

Psych Central is a great resource for applied psychology majors looking to obtain an overview of what this field has to offer. With interesting articles and engaging information about anything from helping children manage anxiety to evaluating one’s risk of becoming a substance abuser, this website provides students with a big picture of applied psychology. Students can even learn about common signs of risk for various disorders and ways to alleviate loneliness by changing behavior. This is a practical, informational website for future applied psychology majors.

5. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Do you wonder how to help employees work together smoothly, how to ease occupational stress, and how to manage aggression in the workplace? Maybe industrial-organizational psychology, a subset of applied psychology, is right for you. SIOP, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a great applied psychology website that provides resources to professionals and students alike. They even provide links to online webinars for those who wish to bring their psychology knowledge to the workplace and learn more about a career in industrial-organizational psychology.

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Whether you’re providing support for students with behavioral problems or maximizing efficiency in the workplace, specializing in applied psychology will give you valuable tools to tackle any situation. These five websites for applied psychology majors provide everything you need to learn about and focus on an interesting career path.