5 Websites for Environmental Psychologists

The most efficient way to learn about Environmental Psychology is to learn about the field and the educational requirements on websites for Environmental Psychologists. Environmental Psychology is an area that focuses on how people interact with their surroundings. Environmental can refer to the following settings:

  • Natural
  • Social
  • Informational
  • Built
  • Learning

The goal of Environmental Psychologists is to improve how people interact with the world. Architects and behavioral scientists study how changing physical spaces and stimuli can have an impact on how people behave.

1. Science in Action

One of the best websites for Environmental Psychologists is Science in Action, part of the campaign for public education offered by the American Psychological Association. The campaign’s purpose is to illustrate the magnitude of Environmental Psychology in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and non-government organizations. Science in Action explains the process for obtaining a degree in Environmental Psychology including:

  • Earning an undergraduate degree in psychology
  • Getting a master’s degree in the sub-field
  • Receiving a doctorate

The coursework must include resource management, environmental science, and cultural geography. The site offers information on projected salaries of environmental psychologists based on their education, job experience, geographic location, and setting in which they work.

2. Psychology Careers

Psychology Careers explores how environmental psychologists use their knowledge and expertise for evaluating interactions between humans in settings that include natural habitats, neighborhoods, or schools. The detailed job description discusses working in academic or government settings or the private sector as well as duties involved in the job including how to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity in an industrial or community housing settings in which landlord-tenant relationships are important.

The informational website for Environmental Psychologists details how researchers share their findings, teach students in universities, work with professionals in other fields, and organize public and community outreach programs. The site offers information on specializations within the field.

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3. Careers in Psychology

Environmental Psychology websites such as Careers in Psychology delve into what constitutes an environment and how their surroundings affect people. Examples include how Environmental Psychology is used in business as a marketing concept or how a psychologist working in an architectural firm can change a work environment to give employees a sense of relaxation which increases productivity.

The site describes the educational path to take to become an Environmental Psychologist and discusses some of the coursework that’s necessary to earn a degree.

4. Psychology 4 All

The Abstract on Psychology 4 All focuses on how the concepts presented in Environmental Psychology can effectively improve the quality of life and manage the environment by considering the needs of the people involved. The site provides an introduction to the field, the concepts that are presented in Environmental Psychology, and how the environment whether it’s natural, educational, or business, can have a profound effect on human and animal behavior.

5. Psychology Today

One of the most vital issues an Environmental Psychologist can address is climate change and how it will affect future generations. A series of articles on the Psychology Today website address the implications of climate change on a psychological level. One of the feature articles explains why so many people are in denial about climate change and how Environmental Psychologists can educate them and change the world around them to slow the process and make positive changes.

Environmental Psychology is a field in which there’s a growing demand for qualified psychologists. Predictions from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that more than 5000 jobs will need to be filled by 2022. In 2013, the median salary for psychologists in “other fields” was approximate $91,140. If working in social services or healthcare intrigues you, a career in Environmental Psychology could be worth pursuing.

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Websites for degrees in Environmental Psychology offer extensive resources about the field including job prospects, estimated salaries, and specializations