5 Great Professional Organizations for Music Therapists

A membership to a professional organization for those in the music therapy industry is one of the best investments a music therapist can make. Being a member of a professional origination allows one to have access to learning and networking opportunities that are beneficial to the career growth and development a music professional. Listed below are the top five professional music therapy organizations.

1. American Music Therapy Association

The American Music Therapy Association is fusion of the National Association for Music Therapy (created in 1950) and the American Association for Music Therapy (created in 1971). The purpose of the foundation is to purpose is to develop and promote the use of music as a form of therapy in community, special education, and rehabilitation arenas. Members are privy to exclusive resources, educational training and advancement, scholarships, and job opportunities.

2. National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations

The National Coalition of Creative Arts is a professional organization that is comprised of therapeutic professionals from the areas of music, art, dance, drama, poetry, and psychodrama. Founded in 1979, the purpose of the NCCATA is to advance the use of the application of creative arts therapy in addressing complex societal issues to promote healing and growth. Members have inside access to the latest research information, workshops and conferences, grants, and job opportunities.

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3. World Federation of Music Therapy 

Founded in 1985 in Genoa, Italy, the World Federation of Music Therapy unites professionals worldwide with the goal of promoting and developing awareness and advancements of music therapy through the distribution of information and education among creative therapy professionals. Membership benefits include access to exclusive conferences, reports, blogs, and worldwide professional networking. Discounted student memberships are available for those still obtaining their music therapy certification. Additionally, members have exclusive accesses to job postings in the music therapy field worldwide.

4. International Society for Music Education

According to the mission statement of the International Society for Music Education, the purpose of the ISME is “to stimulate music education as an integral part of general education.” Founded in 1953, the ISME currently has a network of music professionals in over 80 countries with the purpose of promoting music learning and therapy as part of cultural and diversity awareness. Members of the ISME have access to a quarterly journal, educational materials, and research through the proprietary website as the opportunity to attend exclusive ISME seminars and conferences. Discounted student memberships are also available for those who meet the qualifications.

5. Institute for Music and Neurologic Function 

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function is a global, non-profit organization that was founded with the purpose of promoting physical and emotional healing therapy through the use of music therapy, research, and education. The IMNF has created collaborations with other prestigious and well-known institutions such as The Weill Institute at Carnegie Hall, The Rubin Foundation, and the Aspen Music Peace Program. The IMNF offers internship programs for music therapists.

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According to the Huffington Post, creative therapists inspire hope by creating a shift in thoughts, behaviors, and perspectives. Membership in a professional music therapy organization provides the information and support required to succeed in the music therapy industry.